"I think I wanted it too much and you didn’t want it enough."

Jay Crownover, Rule 

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colorized picture of claude monet standing next to paintings from his water lilies series, 1923.
Can we kiss please you are so beautiful
Le Yacht échoué à Trégastel, Maurice Denis (1870-1943)

love story, du juan by vincent peters
"Don’t lose too much weight. Stupid girls are always trying to disappear as revenge. And you are not stupid."

Frida Kahlo

Interior at Nice Henri Matisse - 1918
"at this time last year
i was a mess and i feel
like a mess again"

A messy haiku - jw 

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picasso learning ballet
Pablo Picasso , Spanish 1881 - 1973

pisces are so overwhelmingly full they can interpret this as emptiness, they don’t know where they want to go because in essence they are already there and somewhat intimidated by the unconscious forces that seem to erupt out of nowhere

and everybody comes to pisces seeking guidance, because intuitively, they sense pisces hold the divine light but when a pisces doesn’t know what to do with this their personality fragments and neptune can swamp them

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"I want every piece of me to crash into every piece of you,
I swear to god that’s how they make stars."

Mary Lambert, from Sarasvatī  (via loveless-people)

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Marina Abramović performing Gina Pane’s The Conditioning, 2005